These photo albums related to the cultural, social, festive, traditional costumes, art, tower, religious beliefs, famous persons, and history of the Cham. This is the precious storage of photos, which include both of original and collection to generalize the culture, society, history of the Cham.


Cham Culture - Bhap Ilimo CamB$ il[Om c.



Cham Society - Sosial Cam - OssY& c.



Cham Festival - Cambur-Kate Cam cvU^ kOt- c.



Cham Traditional Dress - Aw Carai Cama* cEr c.



Cham Art - Seni Cam - s-n[ c.



Champa Tower - Bimong Kalan Campa b[Om~ kl# c.f\

Bimong Po Sah Anaih Bimong Po Ramé Bimong Po Klaong Garai Bimong Po Ina Nagar


Religious Beliefs -  Agama Cam - agm c.



Famous Persons - Tokoh Cam - OtOk` c.

Prof.Dr. Ahmad Fauzi Ismai Assoc.Prof.Dr. Po Dharma Assoc.Prof. Dr. Mohamad Zain Assoc.Prof.Dr. Thanh Phan


History - Sakarai SkEr